Bundle: MasterClass Yogic Self Care and Self Love, Heartfelt Gifts & Tools by Lisa Ware

Bundle: MasterClass Yogic Self Care and Self Love, Heartfelt Gifts & Tools

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Watch the MasterClass! Yogic Self Care + Self Love

Hello siSTAR So much gratitude for saying YES to Yogic Self Care and Self Love! Here is the link to watch the MasterClass with Lisa Ware Yoga 4 Love. We are totally transparent in our offerings and are not going to sell you anything or hold you hostage to watch a webinar on a timer. 
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Yogic Self Care + Self Love Tools

Affirmation Creation Worksheet

Goal Setting with Yoga 4 Love, Creating Abundance in Your Life and Business

[PDF] Goddess Archetype Healing Affirmations, Receive link to the MasterClass Yogic Self Care and Self Love

Shamanic 9 Directions + Ritual To Call Back Your Power

Vision Board Creation + One Word Inspiration

Yoga 4 Love’s Big Book of Yoga Poses, Asana 101, 201 and 301 V 2.0

[MasterClass] Yogic Self Care + Self Love

It is time to Step into our Power! 
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Self Care Workshop from Inner Goddess Retreat

For a deeper dive, as referenced in the MasterClass, check out this video from the Spring Inner Goddess Retreat. 
Watch Self Care Workshop

[Yoga Workshop] Vinyasa Yoga Goddess Of Chaos and Beauty LIVE from Cosmic Yogi Festival

Take the LIVE Vinyasa Class with Lisa Ware that correlates to the Goddess Archetype Healing Affirmations PDF. 

YAAASS, sister!

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Lisa Ware' Bio + Yoga 4 Love Mission Statement

We are a leader in online education, offering online yoga training since 2015 and have graduated hundreds from our Reiki and Online Teacher Certifications. 

Lisa Ware is a published author, coach, and Executive Director of Yoga 4 Love Online Certification + Inner Goddess Retreats. In 2008 she founded Yoga 4 Love in honor of her mom’s positivity & inspiration. She is an industry leader teaching online. Her purpose is empowering women find their passion, purpose and potential.


Yoga 4 Love is the Yale of online schools.
Desiree P.
Yoga 4 Love is the Gold Standard of yoga education.
Amanda L.
Through Lisa, the new goddess friends, the books, the Path... I became PREPARED.
Katrina B.