What to do Before Attending an Inner Goddess Retreat

We have a few recommended workshops to take before you attend an Inner Goddess Retreat. They are located as a 3 part series in the Videos section as a Playlist on the Lisa Ware Yoga 4 Love FaceBook business page. 

The playlist is called "Detox Yoga, Vision Board and Affirmation Creation Workshops".

Start with the one called "Detox Yoga" or jump right into the other workshops, links are below! 
Enjoy and Namaste. 
See you at Retreat, siSTAR!

Meanwhile, if you are curious about our events, watch the Retreat Video! 
Lisa Ware Yoga 4 Love FB Page Videos

When are the next Inner Goddess Retreats?

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Attending a Yoga 4 Love event or an Inner Goddess Retreat?


Detox Yoga Class

Join me for a Detox yoga class, then do two more workshops for Goal Setting + Find Your One Word Vision Board Creation and a tried and true formula for writing your Affirmations. 
Grab the downloads that support the classes available for free on our online store. 

Affirmation PDF

Vision Board Creation + One Word Inspiration Worhskop

Take video class and download the PDF to accompany the video workshop. 
Vision Board Creation + One Word Inspiration PDF

Goal Setting PDF

Take video class and download the PDF to accompany the video workshop. 
Goal Setting PDF

Coaching with Lisa in a Private Session

Book some time to go over these workshops and PDF's in a detailed and personalized coaching session. 
If you are coming to an Inner Goddess Retreat, we will not have a lot of time to work on personal coaching, goals and affirmations. 
Please book a private session if you are ready to do some deeper work, schedule a Reiki session, an Angel Card Reading or some personal Coaching around this topic or anything that is rising up for you. Reach out before the retreat.

Private Sessions + Lifecoaching

Lisa Ware' Bio + Yoga 4 Love Mission Statement

Lisa Ware is a published author, coach, and Executive Director of Yoga 4 Love Online Certification + Inner Goddess Retreats. In 2008 she founded Yoga4love.com in honor of her mom’s positivity and inspiration. She is the President of the 501c3 DFW Free Day of Yoga, and directs the Annual Dallas Yoga Festival. She has been on the Board of Directors since 2008. 
Lisa’s ‘why’ is to empower women to find their passion, purpose and potential in the world.

Booking Your Private Session

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Cleanse and Detox while on Retreat

We are offering a cleanse all weekend. This is totally optional. If you are interested in clean eating all weekend we will provide Kitchari, an Ayurvedic Stew which is super yummy and so delightful. It is a slow, easy detox. Also, if you want to go all in we will also be offering the opportunity to drink fresh juiced fruits and veggies (need volunteers to run the juicer), as well as Juice Plus Smoothies every morning.

Details on the Kitchari Cleanse and TAKE THE DOSHA QUIZ.

Cleanse Video and Detox while on Retreat