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What is Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs?

Yoga 4 Love Online Training Program + Inner Goddess Retreats is a lifestyle enhancement journey with a special focus on Vinyasa Yoga, the Divine Feminine Shakti and Energy Healing.

We are a life enhancement course with a wonderful Tribe of like minded women on the same path as you. This course is the beginning of your true transformation, with a program and support system designed to work seamlessly into your life.
Although you do your hOMework online, we meet virtually and energetically. You can connect to chat DAILY! 

This is a huge sisterhood of goddesses from all over the country. Meet up in person at the next Inner Goddess Retreat in Texas or in Hawaii! Easily develop a strong, personal relationship with your Tribe, your Orientation Coach and your Director.
 Do this course for the certification... or join our Tribe for the personal growth, self care and accountability. This may be exactly what you were seeking all along.


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Testimonial, Desiree P.

Yoga 4 Love's Curriculum

  • Includes:
    • History of Yoga | The Yoga Sutras
    • Yoga Philosophy
    • Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Asanas 101, 201, 301
    • Lisa Ware’s Signature Sequencing 101, 201 and 301
    • Intuitive Vinyasa Signature Class Formats Yoga 101, 201, 301
    • Hatha Yoga Asanas 101b and c | Communication and the Business of Yoga
    • Goddess Archetypes and Empowerment
    • Basic Anatomy and Alignment 101
    • Teaching to Special Populations: Kids, Seniors, Injury Recovery, Pre and Post Natal
    • Cueing, Sequencing, Video Teaching
    • The Chakras
    • Cueing and Video Teaching
    • Sanskrit Basics
    • Pranayama
    • Guided Meditation
    • Daily Sadhana Practice and Focus on Self Care
    • Journaling Exercises

    • Ayurvedic Lifestyle

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Apply now! When accepted you will Receive 4 OMAZING BONUS GIFTS with your Tuition:


  • Yoga 4 Love Inner Goddess Texas Retreat 3 Day Intensive Registration
    • Includes 40 Hands On Hours.
    • Virtual or In Studio
  • Reiki Certification:  Workshop + Attunement Ceremony
    • Includes 12 Hands On Hours; Level 1 or 2, optional. 
    • Virtual or In Studio
  • Hawaii Yoga 4 Love Retreat at a huge trainee discount 
    • Includes 100 Hours Hands On Hours
  • 1 Free Lifestyle Consultation with our Team Y4L Staff MD and Ayurvedic Coach

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Testimonial, Peggy M.


This is a life enhancement course with a wonderful Tribe of like-minded women on the same path as you. This is the beginning of your true transformation, with a program and support system designed to work seamlessly into your life.

Do this course for the certification... or join our Tribe for the personal growth, self care, and accountability. 

Scholarship and custom payment plans are available. Let's Chat! 

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Amanda L. Testimonial

Start Dates for Class of 2020-21

Apply BEFORE the Start Date to make sure that you have a place in the Class you want to join. You will be able to begin Getting Started immediately, your first Student Logs are not due until the Date of your Class below:
Open Enrollment Periods: 

  • September 1st - 17th
  • October 31st - November 16th
  • January 1-15, 2021
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RYS 200 + No Prerequisites

We are a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance

  • No yoga practice necessary
  • All levels can take this course
  • Very beginner to advanced practitioner
  • Heal yourself and help others!
  • No need to desire to teach yoga, do this for YOU!
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200 Hour Online Course Includes

FLASH SALE!!! 50% off our online courses! Due to this current situation, we are offering this course and our 500 RYT with Business Coaching at a special rate with customized payment plans available!

We have been offering 200 and 500 RYT Certifications Online for over 5 years! 
We are hosting our Hands On Hours Virtually. As an Industry leader in online education we and have always made our course fully available to you so you can attend all hours on your own time, in your own time zone. 
LIVESTREAM video chats are fully interactive and optional, overseen by Exec. Director, Lisa Ware. Personal Coaching and Online lessons are engaging and built in to our collegiate level course platform.

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  • 4 Quarterly Chats with Director on Video Chat
  • Accountability Partner with an Enrollment Goddess
  • Getting Started Orientation with the Goddess Tribe
  • Required Reading list with TONS of free links to the books
  • hOMework lessons available on the online course 24/7/365
  • Daily Practice of Self Care, Sadhana
  • Yoga Practice, Unlimited Access Audio
  • Video classes with Lisa Ware on YouTube
  • Workshops on video
  • Goddess Tribe LIVE Chats held via Weekly Sangha
  • LIVE STREAM classes
  • Facebook Group: Private with Online Trainees
  • Facebook Group, Private with Global Goddess Tribe
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You can take your Online Yoga Trainings from anywhere in the world 24/7/365. Meet up and gain your Hands On Hours at our Inner Goddess Retreats in Texas and Hawaii! 
There are OMAZING women in this program. You will fit right in!

Let's do this, Goddess!
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I started the Y4L training in March of 2018. At that point in my life I was floundering, newly separated from my husband, living alone in Dallas, on my own for the first time in 20 years and feeling weak, hopeless and LOST. The minute I met Lisa for our set up session, I KNEW something special had happened in my life. I’m now on Module 3, I have a new tribe of AMAZING goddesses as friends and supporters, and I’m getting more confident daily with Google!! (I was VERY tech challenged.
My daily practices I’ve learned have already changed everything for the better. I’m not scared. I’m strong and getting stronger. I have deep breath, the energy of the chakras, the power of affirmations,,,and the universe showers me with abundance in all forms every day. I’m attending the 2019 retreat in Hawaii and am beyond excited, what better graduation present is there?!

Katrina B.
Lisa Ware's Yoga 4 Love Teacher Training is nothing like what I had thought it would be but much much more. I started less than a month ago and the training has already started to show me so much about myself and has activated so many new ways for me. Even though I was already on a very in tune spiritual path, this journey of learning yoga in a deeper way and having the courage to do the teacher training has shown me that really there is nothing to fear when it comes to my goals dreams and visions. I have started writing a book, began to trust my visions and i am learning to be loyal to myself and what I say I want for my life. I even got realizations that self doubt, fear, and guilt hold no place in my body anymore and that the future looks amazing and limitless. I am just so happy and excited I know that if I continue being loyal to myself everything I want and desire to create will become a reality. Through making the choice to start this journey, I learned to accept my path as a healer and know that there is so much time ahead to grow even more and everything is a process. This yoga teacher training is teaching me that it's not about the finalization of it but about the journey and what one makes of it. I just feel very powerful on my spiritual path and like I'm being attuned for something greater than I thought. It is so beautiful! 
Lucy M.
Anna is a Y4L Alumni, and also received her Reiki Certification during our training, she is on Team Y4L as an Orientation Coach. Anna first discovered yoga in 2014 as a way to get in shape. As time went on, her practice became more than just time spent on the mat. She is a firm believer in the transformative power yoga can have in one’s life. Breath work, Meditation and Asana practice have been critical tools in creating a healthy balanced lifestyle and Spiritual Practice. As your Orientation Goddess Anna will help guide you through the beginning of your Yoga journey with Yoga 4 Love.
Anna B.
Ayumi H.
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This is a life journey inside a Yoga Certification course!

Many women have had transformational and life changing experiences going through our Online Training Program and at an Inner Goddess Retreats! 
Want to hear from one of our trainee alumni graduates?
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50% off PIF~ Jade Membership 200 Hour RYT or CYT + Reiki Training

Become the best version of you that YOU can be! Start your Yoga journey with our Tribe today!
Scholarship and custom payment plans are available. Let's Chat! 

Lisa Ware' Bio + Yoga 4 Love Mission Statement

We are a leader in online education, offering online yoga training since 2015 and have graduated hundreds from our Reiki and Online Teacher Certifications. 

Lisa Ware is a published author, coach, and Executive Director of Yoga 4 Love Online Certification + Inner Goddess Retreats. In 2008 she founded Yoga 4 Love in honor of her mom’s positivity & inspiration. She is an industry leader teaching online. Her purpose is empowering women find their passion, purpose and potential.