200 Hour RYT, Reiki Certification + Inner Goddess Retreat by Lisa Ware

200 Hour RYT, Reiki Certification + Inner Goddess Retreat

Become the best version of you that YOU can be! 


This is a life enhancement course with a wonderful Tribe of like-minded women on the same path as you. This is the beginning of your true transformation, with a program and support system designed to work seamlessly into your life.


Do this course for the certification... or join our Tribe for the personal growth, self care, and accountability.


Lisa Ware's Yoga 4 Love Mission Statement

At Yoga 4 Love we offer a sacred space for women to build a tribe in community with other like-minded sisters from all over the world. We create a safe and open place where women meet virtually, energetically and in person, facilitating healing, happiness, adventure and joy using the tools of yoga, whole food, meditation, Reiki and energy work.
Lisa Ware is an author, coach, and Executive Director of Yoga 4 Love Training Programs Online Certification + Inner Goddess Retreats.


I started the Y4L training in March of 2018. At that point in my life I was floundering, newly separated from my husband, living alone in Dallas, on my own for the first time in 20 years and feeling weak, hopeless and LOST. The minute I met Lisa for our set up session, I KNEW something special had happened in my life. I’m now on Module 3, I have a new tribe of AMAZING goddesses as friends and supporters, and I’m getting more confident daily with Google!! (I was VERY tech challenged.
My daily practices I’ve learned have already changed everything for the better. I’m not scared. I’m strong and getting stronger. I have deep breath, the energy of the chakras, the power of affirmations,,,and the universe showers me with abundance in all forms every day. I’m attending the 2019 retreat in Hawaii and am beyond excited, what better graduation present is there?!

Katrina B.
Lisa Ware's Yoga 4 Love Teacher Training is nothing like what I had thought it would be but much much more. I started less than a month ago and the training has already started to show me so much about myself and has activated so many new ways for me. Even though I was already on a very in tune spiritual path, this journey of learning yoga in a deeper way and having the courage to do the teacher training has shown me that really there is nothing to fear when it comes to my goals dreams and visions. I have started writing a book, began to trust my visions and i am learning to be loyal to myself and what I say I want for my life. I even got realizations that self doubt, fear, and guilt hold no place in my body anymore and that the future looks amazing and limitless. I am just so happy and excited I know that if I continue being loyal to myself everything I want and desire to create will become a reality. Through making the choice to start this journey, I learned to accept my path as a healer and know that there is so much time ahead to grow even more and everything is a process. This yoga teacher training is teaching me that it's not about the finalization of it but about the journey and what one makes of it. I just feel very powerful on my spiritual path and like I'm being attuned for something greater than I thought. It is so beautiful! 
Lucy M.
Anna is a Y4L Alumni, and also received her Reiki Certification during our training, she is on Team Y4L as an Orientation Coach. Anna first discovered yoga in 2014 as a way to get in shape. As time went on, her practice became more than just time spent on the mat. She is a firm believer in the transformative power yoga can have in one’s life. Breath work, Meditation and Asana practice have been critical tools in creating a healthy balanced lifestyle and Spiritual Practice. As your Orientation Goddess Anna will help guide you through the beginning of your Yoga journey with Yoga 4 Love.
Anna B.